Maximum Force Derived from Basic Physical Principles

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Scientific Paper
Title Maximum Force Derived from Basic Physical Principles
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Author(s) Richard Benish
Keywords Maximum Force, Gravity, Equivalence Principle, Singularity-Free, Laboratory Experiment
Published 2009
Journal None
No. of pages 18

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Based on the work of Jacobson [1] and Gibbons, [2] Schiller [3] has shown not only that a maximum force follows from general relativity, but that general relativity can be derived from the principle of maximum force. In the present paper an alternative derivation of maximum force is given. Inspired by the equivalence principle, the approach is based on a modification of the well known special relativity equation for the velocity acquired from uniform proper acceleration. Though in Schiller's derivation the existence of gravitational horizons plays a key role, in the present derivation this is not the case. In fact, though the kinematic equation that we start with does exhibit a horizon, it is not carried over to its gravitational counterpart. A few of the geometrical consequences and physical implications of this result are discussed.