Motivations to Modify Special Relativity

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Scientific Paper
Title Motivations to Modify Special Relativity
Author(s) Jian-Miin Liu
Keywords special relativity
Published 2002
Journal ArXiv


In the framework of special relativity, all particles are point-like or string-like. This nature of particles has caused the divergence difficulties in quantum field, string and superstring theories. In the framework of special relativity, due to the non-uniformity of the m-space and phase space in the usual inertial coordinate system, Boltzmann's hypothesis of the equality of the probability of equal volume element is no longer appropriate. That makes it very difficult to construct Lorentz-invariant statistical mechanics and thermodynamics for many-particle systems. Besides, some observations on special relativity itself and its experimental facts are also reported. The conclusions from these observations are: Special relativity is not an ultimate theory; Some modification is needed; Any modification must not violate the constancy of the light speed and the local Lorentz invariance; It seems that we have to change the assumption on local structures of gravity-free space and time in special relativity.