Partial Differential Equations

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Partial Differential Equations
Partial Differential Equations 642.jpg
Author Domina Eberle Spencer, Parry H Moon
Published 1969 / 1971 / 1981
Publisher D. C. Heath / Raytheon Educational Company
Pages 322
ISBN 066961887X

This text is intended as a one-term course for senior and graduate students.  A knowledge of partial differential equations is obviously necessary for advanced work, not only in mathematics, but also in physics, and today even in engineering.  Various instructional methods have been used to meet this need.  At present, however, there is a complete lack of agreement on coverage, on order of presentation, and on degree of mathematical sophistication required of the student.  available textbooks range from those specializing in existence proofs to those dealing exclusively with practical applications.

In writing the present text, we have tried to steer the middle course which will not be objectionable to the e-mathematician, but which will also cover the best procedure in solving the equations of physics.

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