Scalar Compression

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Scientific Paper
Title Scalar Compression
Author(s) Moray B King
Keywords Scalar Waves, Pulsed Plasma, New Energy
Published 2001
Journal None


A popular theme for activating zero-point energy is to abruptly impress opposing electric or magnetic fields to produce a "scalar" pulse, so named because the field lines completely cancel leaving a pure, pulsed, scalar potential. Energetic anomalies observed during such activity include sonoluminescence and solar flares. Inventors have used specially wound coils (caduceus and/or bifilar) as well as abruptly bucking magnets to activate excessive energy. The largest effects might be achieved when a symmetric shell of charged plasma abruptly implodes to create a scalar compression pulse. Such a discharge appears in the tube invented by E.V. Gray, U.S. Patent 4,661,747 (1987).

This article was reprinted in Dr. King's book, Quest for Zero Point Energy, pp. 197-210 (2001), and includes E. V. Gray's US patent #4,661,747 (1987).