Symmetry of Nature Confirms Universal Electrodynamic Force

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Scientific Paper
Title Symmetry of Nature Confirms Universal Electrodynamic Force
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Author(s) Charles William Lucas
Keywords Symmetry, Electrodynamic Force, Universal Force
Published 2012
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 9
No. of pages 10
Pages 333-342

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A new version of the electrodynamic force, derived from a more perfect union of the axiomatic and empirical scientific methods, has explained more electrodynamic data including radiation and radiation reaction than previous versions based on Maxwells equations and Einsteins Special Relativity Theory. It has given rise to the constraint that all elementary particles consist of closed charge loop structures. A new three-dimensional electrodynamic theory of elementary particles has resulted which explains more elementary particle data than the Standard Model of relativistic quantum electrodynamics which uses many adjustable fundamental constants of unknown origin. The new electrodynamic force law has been used to derive a new improved force of gravity and a new improved force of inertia. These improved versions of the force of gravity and inertia explain more phenomena, including mass and the quantization of gravity, than previous versions. The conjecture has been made that this new version of the electrodynamic force law is the universal force law. This candidate for the universal force has a unique symmetry which is a combination of spherical and chiral symmetry. Evidence is presented that elementary particles, atoms, nuclei, molecules, crystals, flowers, plant leaves, solar systems, galaxies, and the universe as a whole exhibit this symmetry. Thus the symmetry of nature on all size scales provides a qualitative confirmation of the universal electrodynamic force law.