The Electrodynamic Origin of Life in Organic Molecules Such As DNA and Proteins

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Scientific Paper
Title The Electrodynamic Origin of Life in Organic Molecules Such As DNA and Proteins
Author(s) Charles William Lucas
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Published 2006
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The evidence for the electrodynamic origin of life in organic molecules such as DNA and proteins is presented. It is based on the same type of approach used by Schroedinger that lead to the discovery of DNA. Experimentally the Orgone Laboratory Life-Energy field meter measures the absorption of longitudinal radiation on any object put near its short-range detector. Measurements of the absorption of longitudinal radiation by plants, fruits and vegetables, and animals including man in various experiments seem to correlate well with the expected life energy of those bodies. Dr. Antoine Priore of France has demonstrated on thousands of animals the healing power of longitudinal waves from his giant plasma tube. From previous work on the universal electrodynamic force, it is claimed that longitudinal waves are absorbed on large chiral organic molecules causing them to vibrate longitudinally like a long spring. This longitudinal vibration causes an organic molecule to be "alive". According to electrodynamics all vibrational motion must decay by radiating. The consumption of food by organisms provides a fresh supply of longitudinally vibrating molecules that share their longitudinal vibrational energy in order to maintain the longitudinal vibrations of the DNA, proteins, and other organic molecules of the organism.