The Solid, Quantified, Growing and Radiating Earth

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Scientific Paper
Title The Solid, Quantified, Growing and Radiating Earth
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Author(s) Stavros T Tassos
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Published 2007
Journal None
No. of pages 6

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Z∞ Space re-examines cosmology, astronomy, relativity, quantum mechanics and particle physics upon the fundamental principle that infinity is the ultimate material actuality. In that context zero, vacuum, or empty space are nonexistent as physical entities. Space is the infinite source of all mass, accounts for the repelling ?dark-energy? and the contracting ?dark-matter?, and becomes measurable as ?energy?? traveling, actually unpaired standing waves, and ?matter??paired standing waves, i.e., waving space itself at the scale invariant constant of 299792458 m/s. A zero mass state cannot physically exist, because waves and energy without inertia-mass cannot exist. The ?massless? state is the scalar equilibrium state between the inertial and the elasticity forces in a waving material continuum. Due to its infinity the inertial resistance of Z∞ space is constantly balanced by its extension and oscillates constantly at light speed, c. All other media included in, and made of Z∞ space wave for as long as the force that counteracts their mass-inertia acts on them, and at speeds <c.></c.>