Unified Field Theory - Finite

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Scientific Paper
Title Unified Field Theory - Finite
Author(s) Phil Bouchard
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Published 2015
No. of pages 6


The current mathematical representation of General Relativity uses a four dimensional reference frame to position in space-time an object with time as a linear variable that can have both a negative and positive value.

In this paper a new mathematical model is suggested based on the classical mechanics, solely on the fact gravity is a particle and that time dilation / contraction is proportional to the kinetic energy and the superposed layers of gravitational potentials. The theory is objective and predicts small scale GPS gravita-tional time dilation, perihelion precession disparity for all planets, and gravitational light bending. We also consider the rotation curve for all galaxies without dark matter, the natural faster-than-light expansion of the universe without dark energy, even the constitution of a black hole and the velocity of the visible uni-verse. In particle terms since gravity can be manipulated, the theory allows time travel into the future, in-finite speed and levitation.

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