William G Carnahan

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William G. Carnahan
Born (1911-05-10)May 10, 1911
Died (1993-08-20)August 20, 1993
Residence Austin, TX, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Pushing Gravity, Antigravity

William Gordan (W. G.) "Bill" Carnahan was the founder of the Association for Pushing Gravity Research (APGR) and the editor of the APGR Journal.

"In Memorium: William Gordan Carnahan

"Dr. Carnahan passed away August 20, 1993. He is survived by a duaghter, Vonni, and a niece, Jean Cordell. He was born May 10, 1911 at Center, Teaxs. Bill was awarded a four year scholarship to Texas A&M University from which he graduated in 1931. He attended graduate schools at the University of Tennessee, the University of Chicago and the University of Souther California. He taught school in Houston, at the University of Texas at Austin, worked for the Roosevelt Administration, the Tennessee Valley Authority, retired from military service and the Texas Rehabilitation Commission.

"Bill was especially interested in cosmology and the causes of gravitation. He was a founder of the Austin Astronomical Society and of the Association for Pushing Gravity Research. This Journal [The Toth-Maatian Review] remembers him fondly and is especially recognizant of the support given it by him over the years. He was a charter subscriber and was always at pains to cheer on our efforts with his encouragement almost every issue that has been published. As the years go by, the ranks of our friends grow thinner." - Harold Milnes, Toth-Maatian Review, V12, N2, p. 5580 (Jan 1994).