William J Hooper

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William J. Hooper
Born (1895-07-25)July 25, 1895
Died (1971-02-00)February 0, 1971 Template:Error
Residence FL, FL
Nationality USA
Known for Electrodynamics, Gravity, Unipolar Induction, Magnetic Propulsion
Scientific career
Fields Professor Emeritus of Physics

Dr. William James Hooper (1895-1971), was born in Iron Mountain, Michigan.  He earned his B.A. (1922), M.A. (1923) and Ph.D. (1925) from UC Berkeley. Thesis: "Critical Ionization Potentials by Positive Rays in Hydrogen". While a Professor of Physics at The Principia College, he was awarded National Science Foundation Fellowships to attend University of Minnesota (1953) and Wisconsin State College (1956).  


  • Research Fellow University of California 1922 to 1925
  • Professor of Physics ? Battle Creek College 1925 to 1931
  • Professor of Physics ? The Principia College 1931 to 1964, Emeritus
  • President & Director of Research, Electrodynamic Gravity, Inc. 1964 to 1971


  • "Dust Deposit on Lath and Plaster Walls" Physics, pp 61-68, Vol 1, No 1, July, 1931.
  • "Unipolar Electromagnetic Induction", an unabridged account of a paper entitled: "Rotation of flux about a Magnetic Axis", presented at the Am. Physical Soc. meeting, St. Louis, March 25-28, 1963.

Research interests:

  • Research Consultant for Wood Conversion Co, Cloquet MN
  • Research Consultant Glass Printing Press Co, Chicago, IL
  • Electrical Printing
  • Private research included solar energy and electromagnetism theory


  • "ALL-ELECTRIC MOTIONAL ELECTRIC FIELD GENERATOR", US Patent # 3,610,971., Patented Oct. 5, 1971.

James E. Hartman, "A Review of William J. Hooper and his All-Electric Motional Electric Field Generator",